Zak Crawley’s Bold Prediction: England to Crush Australia by 150 Runs in Lord’s Showdown

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The Zak Crawley Optimism for England’s Performance at Lord’s vs Edgbaston

The first player claims England will do better on the Lord’s pitch than Edgbaston’s sluggish, dry surface.

Zak Crawley
Zak Crawley scored four runs after driving the opening ball of the 2023 Ashes.

At Lord’s the following week, England will defeat Australia by 150 runs to tie the men’s Ashes series at one. Zak Crawley holds the same opinion and believes that the “niggle” between the two sides will intensify during the season.

Crawley told Times Radio that the Lord’s pitch would be better for England than the sluggish, dry one they played on at Edgbaston. “I think we’ll win,” he declared. “I believe that pitch will fit us a little better. Therefore, do you think we’ll win by, like, 150 runs?”

After playing Australia closely in the first Test, he said that England had “gained a lot of respect” and that “a big part of what we talk about” is how to keep fans interested in the format.

Because it was good for the game, Crawley added, “We absorbed [this loss] better than probably past losses. This week was terrific for cricket, which is what we are all about. Sky had recorded viewing statistics, and Test Match Special had recorded listening figures. We don’t care about outcomes. We always discuss that. We are about entertaining, not about winning or losing. We want to win because it benefits our reputation and our work. We gain more excellent traction if we triumph.

But other than a match, the first in a five-match series, I don’t believe we’ve lost anything this week. The players have shown phenomenal focus and dedication to their training, undoubtedly reflected in their performance on the field. The team’s tenacity and relentless spirit are truly inspiring to witness.

Zak Crawley
Going into the second Test, Crawley expects the verbal combat between the sides to get worse.

Despite the rigorous schedule, the players have consistently maintained their composure and positive attitude, which has garnered them respect and appreciation from fans and critics alike. We are thrilled to have such unwavering support from the people, which is fantastic for the game. Only through this unwavering support can we continue cultivating talent and transforming cricket into a national passion.

In the first Test at Edgbaston, Crawley scored 61 and 7, and he is best remembered for smashing the opening ball of the series for four when he drove Pat Cummins past cover. “There was a part of me that was thinking, ‘If it’s there, I’m going to try and hit for four, send a message,'” the player admitted. “I got lucky; it struck the centre of my bat. Thank goodness it was in an excellent location to hit for four.

“When you’re out there, you don’t feel that pressure. Playing for your teammates puts more pressure on you, so we are responsible for setting the tone as openers and top-order batters. Therefore, I am pressured to start my team’s performance well and quickly. I feel that pressure more than any other, even the strain from media criticism. So even though I was under pressure, I decided to start this well. I tried to be optimistic at all times.

Crawley anticipates intensifying the verbal conflict between the teams going into the second Test. The Edgbaston crowd was so loud that you couldn’t hear a word they were saying. You could listen more at Lord’s with a low hum.

“Generally speaking, we’re good men, and they’re good fellas. There will probably be a few occurrences that annoy viewers a bit as the season progresses, and it’ll grow worse and worse. On both a personal and a team level, everyone is very competitive. By the sixth game, I’m sure there will be a niggle.

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