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Furthermore, we have a fantastic mobile application that you may use to access the bookie. Check out the in-depth details on the available betting alternatives, how to bet on cricket, and many other useful information.

What is Cricket Sport?

Two opposing sides (teams) of 11 players compete in the sport of cricket, which is played with a bat and ball. The oval-shaped field has a rectangular “pitch” in the center that measures 22 yards (20.12 meters) by 10 feet (3.04 meters) broad. At either end of the pitch, two sets of three sticks, referred to as wickets, are buried in the ground. Bails are horizontal pieces that are positioned across the top of each wicket. Either round of batting and bowling (pitching) by each side is referred to as a “inning” (always plural). With the goal of scoring the most runs, each team has one or two innings, depending on the predetermined length of the game.

The bowlers attempt to smash (break) the wicket with the ball as they deliver it with a straight arm so that the bails fall. The batsman can be knocked out or dismissed in a number of methods, including this one. After a bowler has delivered six balls to one wicket (completing a “over”), another player from his team next bowls six balls to the other wicket. The batting team guards their pitch.

INDIBET’s Online Cricket Betting Guide

Let’s first determine how to wager on cricket. Fortunately, it’s really simple because all of the services we provide are highly accommodating to gamers of all skill levels, even beginners. To wager on cricket, you must take the following actions:

    • On the website, create a profile. It’s quick and simple, and it only takes a few seconds. Simply create a password and add your username, email, and phone number.
    • Add the amount you want to wager to your account.
    • Go to the page titled “Cricketbook.”
    • Find a sporting event that you wish to wager on.
    • There are odds for every match, including real-time odds. You must decide on the kind of odds you desire (fancy or fixed).
    • Choose the market, option, and odds that interest you before placing your wager.
    • On the right side of the website, there will be a “Bet form” section. Include the amount of your bet in the appropriate fields of this form.
    • Reiterate the action.
    • Typically, if you win, you’ll get your prize when the event is over.

If your predictions were accurate, depending on the sort of wager you placed, you may win and get some awesome goodies. Finding a game to bet on and winning money won’t be a problem for you because our site provides hundreds of cricket matches every day.

Special Promotions for Indibet Cricket Bettors

Numerous cricket betting-related promos are available through our service. Such deals are quite kind and beneficial to bettors since they provide them more time to save money and earn cash rewards. Additionally, the promos have straightforward terms and reasonable playing criteria. We only offer you profitable promotions in this way. The discounts are routinely changed, so check back often to make sure you don’t miss out on anything great. Let’s examine the current offerings in more detail below.


Indibet Cricket: Promo for New Players

You will get 50 additional cricket bets for making a new profile. You won’t even need to put in any effort beyond registration in this method. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try out our services without having to pay anything.

Indibet Cricket: Big Bonus

You can get a 200% bonus to this amount when you first top off your balance with a sum up to 10,000 rupees. You may use your additional money to wager on both live and simulated cricket. Utilizing this promotion is advised by all cricket betting advice since you get much more than you give.


Indibet Cricket: Hundred Jackpot

You can enter to win a reward of 5,000 INR by betting on one of the 100 cricket games listed in the terms and conditions of the offer. However, you are free to use these dollars on any of our services. This makes it an extremely successful offer that just asks you to wager in exchange for the chance to spend additional money however you see fit.

Indibet Cricket is offering one hundred free bets.

You will earn an additional bet fee of 100 INR if you wager on just one game from the listed 100 cricket events at least five times.


Indibet Cricket: Referral Promo

The “Member Info” area of your profile contains the special promotional code that you may obtain and share with at least five friends. They will receive an additional 50 INR on their profiles if they enter your code upon registration. The same incentives apply to you as well. You may wager on cricket using your bonus money as well.

Indibet Domestic Cricket League

The Domestic Cricket League is a competitive tournament where teams from different cities and states compete against one another. It is a popular event in India and attracts large crowds from around the country. It is a great way for spectators to enjoy the sport of cricket and for players to showcase their talent. The season typically runs from October to April and features local and international teams playing in a variety of formats. You can check also the list below about types of domestic cricket league. You can also look at the list of domestic cricket leagues below. 





T20 Mumbai League

In Mumbai, India, there is a professional Twenty20 cricket competition called the T20 Mumbai League. The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) established the league in 2018. T20 Mumbai is a league to find, develop, and promote cricketers at the grassroots level.

 It aims to put the greatest local cricket talent in Mumbai under one roof. T20 Mumbai aims to create a platform for bringing together the sport’s future superstars while giving the city’s cricket scene greater structure.

T20 Mumbai League
Saurashtra Premier League





Saurashtra Premier League

In Saurashtra, India, there is a professional Twenty20 cricket competition called the Saurashtra Premier League (SPL). 

The league was established by the Saurashtra Cricket Association and will use the T-20 format, which has enthralled everyone and is still drawing in millions of people across the world.





Celebrity Cricket League

Actors from the most important regional Indian film industries engage in the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), a men’s sporting competition in India. Cricket and film, the two main entertainment sectors, are combined in the CCL. There were six seasons total, with the first one beginning in 2011.

Celebrity Cricket League
Karnataka Premier League





Karnataka Premier League

The Maharaja Trophy T20 will now be referred to as the Karnataka Premier League (KPL), as it was previously known. Aside from the renaming, the six-team competition will now be managed differently according to modifications made by the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA).





Tamil Nadu Premier League

The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association established the professional Twenty20 cricket competition known as the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) in 2016. It is played in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu (TNCA). It is contested every year in July and August by eight teams from eight different districts in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Premier League
Odisha Premier League

Odisha Premier League

The Odisha Cricket Association (OCA), Cuttack, India, established the Odisha Premier League (OPL) to compete with the Indian Premier League. For each group, the Odisha Cricket Association (OCA) has decided on a base price of Rs 4 lakh. The offering procedure would start on May 13 after May 9 was specified as the deadline for submitting the offering papers. 

The Barabati Stadium in Cuttack has been reserved for the elimination round and championship game; all other games will take place in Bhubaneswar, Rourkela, Sambalpur, Brahmapur, Keonjhar, Angul, Jharsuguda, Puri, and Kendrapada. Anubhav Mohanty, a well-known actor in Oriya films, has been named the brand ambassador for the Odisha Premier League T20 cricket competition.





Rajwada Cricket League

The Rajwada Cricket League is India’s professional organization for Twenty20 cricket competitions. The Kota District Cricket Association, a member of the Rajasthan Cricket Association, created it in Kota. Players from different state and municipal cricket competitions, the IPL, the Ranji Trophy, the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup, and international cricket are among those taking part in this competition. Pankaj Singh, Deepak Chahar, Mahipal Lopror, Nathu Singh, Khalil Ahmed, Ashok Menaria, and Rajesh Bishnoi are among the players whose participation has been officially confirmed.

Rajwada Cricket League
Indian Cricket League




Indian Cricket League

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has long been regarded as superior to the Indian Cricket League (ICL) (IPL). Few people were aware of it while it was in operation, and when it abruptly ended, no one wept or wrote a eulogy for it. However, I do miss it and wish I could resurrect like a phoenix.

Indibet International Cricket League

The International Cricket League (ICL) is a global tournament featuring the world’s best cricket teams competing for the ultimate title. It is held annually in different countries and is a major event for cricket fans worldwide. The ICL provides a platform for cricket players of all levels to showcase their talents and is part of the world’s growing interest in cricket. The ICL also sets the standard for cricket rules, regulations, and organizational operations. It has become a benchmark for cricket lovers everywhere, as they get to witness the game at its purest level. Below, you will see a different league.

    • Indian Premier League (INDIBET IPL)
    • League of Big Hits
    • World T20 Championship
    • Caribbean Premier League
    • The Hundred

Indibet cricket betting types that are popular

You have access to all the necessary alternatives through our bookmaker to place an online cricket wager in 2021. You may make a variety of bets in a series on our website. View the most popular categories on the website:


This kind is said to be the simplest and is ideal for novice gamblers. You are given potential outcomes of an event by the bookmaker, and you must decide whether to bet on them or not.


When placing a wager on a game of this nature, you will guess the outcome of the game. You will earn a reward if you win a wager at these odds. If it’s wrong, you lose, though. The key benefit of this type is that you are aware of your potential winnings.

However, almost every event allows you to place a few different kinds of bets. Consequently, the wagers that cricket gamblers tend to place most frequently are:

    • The winning player must be predicted, as well as which squad will win the competition.
    • The number of runs scored in one inning.
    • How many runs did the session consist of?
    • The run total over/under
    • The final score after more than
    • In a fall-of-wicket situation, how many runs does a batter score when a wicket falls?
    • A bowler’s wicket’s size
    • Overall, there are more odd runs than even runs.
    • The one who scores the most runs is the one who wins the coin toss.
    • A few others, including the best bowling score.

The provided selection of bets to make is quite impressive compared with other bookmaker platforms available on the market. It’s great, as you can find less complicated ways of betting if you are a newbie who wants to try sports betting for the first time. However, there is a large selection for experienced bettors as well, who can make a lot of money by making accurate predictions of final scores, and so on. 

Live cricket betting is offered by INDIBET.

Our sportsbook offers a variety of alternatives, including the chance to wager on cricket in real time.

It’s a special opportunity that enables wagering after the game has started. You might contemplate how the game began and what unforeseen events occurred at the beginning as a result. The list of events that are open for betting, including those that are ongoing in real-time, may be found on the “Cricketbook” website. Live games are offered with odds that are continuously updated throughout the game, much like regular matches. Located in the right column is a unique table that includes:

Live streaming of the occasion

On our website, you may watch it while placing bets.


It displays the game’s primary ideas.


The game’s scores are shown.

You must either register for an account on our website or sign in to an existing account in order to enjoy the aforementioned services. Since everything happens in real time, betting on cricket live is seen as more engaging and entertaining. However, placing bets after the game has started could also help you win.

The Virtual Cricket Betting at Indibet

You may locate a virtual cricket betting option in addition to conventional online cricket betting. These computer recreations of cricket teams are built out of the players’ past performances. In light of this, any team may participate in virtual cricket, regardless of whether they have ever played together.

 Virtual events also have unpredictability, which gives them a genuine and lifelike quality. However, since virtual games take place often, you don’t have to wait for a specific time. There are odds available for virtual cricket as well. However, because all the unforeseen events are less likely, they are considerably more effective.

Don’t forget that most cricket promotions may also be used to virtual cricket. We are happy to provide you the chance to wager on this kind of esports because it has recently grown to be quite well-liked and in high demand.

What Do Cricket Odds and Lines Indicate? 
Cricket betting odds are estimates made by the bookmaker in relation to the potential results of the game. Such odds come in a variety of forms. despite the fact that they change depending on the kind of wager you want to place. Such odds often depend on lines that predict potential game winners. If your predictions were accurate, you will win a prize. To place a wager, you must accept or reject such a value. The odds that were provided were developed by a team of our expert analysts. Because of their knowledge and expertise, these sports experts’ odds are frequently fairly precise. To determine more plausible odds, analysts consider the previous performances of teams and their players, as well as current play during the live event. Our service provides more than 50 cricket betting view markets, giving you a diverse range of cricket bets to place. Analysts take past performances of teams and their players into account, as well as current action during the live event, to come up with more reasonable odds. You may place a wide variety of cricket bets using our service, which provides more than 50 cricket betting markets.

Cricket betting tips from Indibet

It would be a lot easier for you to make successful predictions if you took into account a few betting tips and mixed them with the available odds.
Check out the following list of suggestions:

    • Try to consider all the pertinent information about the game you intend to gamble on. Don’t miss any updates or news about the team you intend to gamble on. Even the smallest circumstances might have an impact on the outcomes.
    • When a team plays on its home field, it has an advantage. When playing at home, players experience a significant increase in comfort and fan support, which is not a coincidence.
    • Always make the weather a point of emphasis. It may even reject the test match, drastically altering the game’s direction.
    • See how teams have performed in the past, especially if they have played each other before.
      It could serve as a solid foundation for your prognosis.
    • Try a few alternative approaches. Choose the one that will serve you best. Keep in mind that live betting offers you the exclusive chance to adjust your selected strategies depending on the commencement of the game.
    • Use marketing promotions. Even if you fail, you won’t lose a lot of money, and it could even be a positive experience that will help you succeed later.