Karunaratne steps down as Test captain: Sri Lanka’s search for a new leader begins

26 Test matches, Dimuth Karunaratne, captained Sri Lanka

“I’ve discussed it with the managers, but I am still waiting to hear back.

26 Test matches, Dimuth Karunaratne, captained Sri Lanka

Stepping Down: The Reasons Behind Dimuth karunaratne’s Decision to Give Up the Captaincy

Sri Lanka’s cricket team is changing as Dimuth Karunaratne, the current Test captain, expresses his desire to step down from the position after the upcoming Ireland Tests next month. Karunaratne has been leading the team for four years and is now looking to pass on the captaincy baton to someone else for the next World Test Championship (WTC) cycle. He believes that a new captain should lead the team throughout the following process rather than him doing only half of it.

Despite Karunaratne’s wishes, the Sri Lanka selectors have yet to accept his resignation. The captaincy position’s uncertainty has left the Sri Lankan cricket team in flux. Karunaratne’s tenure as captain has been marked by moments of stability and success, including the team’s historic 2-0 win against South Africa in 2019. However, his decision to step down could pave the way for a fresh approach and new leadership to guide the team in the next WTC cycle.

“I’ve discussed resigning as skipper following the Ireland series with the selectors. You must complete two years in the upcoming WTC cycle, according to Karunaratne. “It would be better for a new captain to complete the cycle than just do half and take over. I’ve discussed this with the judges but have yet to hear back. After the following series, I prefer to hand it over to a new leader.

Dimuth Karunaratne’s tenure as the Sri Lankan cricket team captain has been one of stability and success, a refreshing change after the turbulent times that preceded his appointment. Karunaratne has been credited with bringing a sense of calm and direction to the team, translating into some memorable victories on the field.

One of Karunaratne’s most remarkable achievements as captain remains the team’s 2-0 win against South Africa in 2019, his first series in the role. This historic win was particularly noteworthy because no team outside England and Australia had ever beaten South Africa at home. The series win was a testament to Karunaratne’s leadership skills and ability to inspire his team to perform at their best, even in challenging conditions.

Karunaratne’s success as captain has helped to restore the confidence and pride of Sri Lankan cricket, which a string of poor performances and off-field controversies had shaken. While his decision to step down from the captaincy position may surprise some, it is clear that he has left a positive impact on the team, which will continue to thrive under new leadership.

Over the past few years, Dimuth Karunaratne has been able to stabilize Sri Lanka’s cricket team after a period of turbulence. His tenure as the captain had seen Sri Lanka achieve some impressive victories, with his most remarkable achievement coming in 2019 when they secured a 2-0 win in South Africa. This victory was all the more remarkable because no team outside of England and Australia had ever managed to beat South Africa at home.

Karunaratne has expressed his desire to step down as Test captain after the upcoming Ireland Tests, despite these achievements. This decision could be partly influenced by the fact that Sri Lanka will only play two-Test series in the next World Test Championship cycle, leading him to focus more on his batting and explore opportunities overseas. His record as captain, with ten wins and losses each and six draws, is commendable, and It’s important to remember that only a few Sri Lankan captains have managed to win more Tests than him. However, with a fresh WTC cycle on the horizon, Karunaratne wants to hand over the captaincy to a new leader for the next cycle, who will be in charge for the entirety of the two-year process rather than just for half of it.

Before the New Zealand series, which concluded earlier in the day after Sri Lanka lost by The second Test saw 58 runs and 58 sets.

in Wellington, Karunaratne had played grade cricket in Australia since his most recent Test. Despite a lengthy break from playing in Tests, he still achieved three fifties in four innings during this series. Only four of Sri Lanka’s six scheduled Test matches in 2023 will qualify for the subsequent WTC.

I participated in Tests eight months later. In the interim, I only got to play one inning in a four-day game, Karunaratne claimed. “Since I tend to score big after making a start, I lack patience at the time and must return to domestic cricket to regain it.”

“After eight months, even though I made a few trips here, I could have accomplished more.” I believe that twice, but for my waste, I could have transformed half-centuries into hundreds.


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